Industry light fittings


ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Use: For the local illumination of the worktops of machine tools and other machines.

Technical description: The light fitting shade is made of pickled aluminium sheet, the outside is finished with powder paint. The cover is made of aluminium sheet, finished with powder paint and has a built-in switch. The arms of the steel pipes are finished with powder paint. The swivel joint enables the turning and tilting of the light fitting. The fasteners are AlSi alloy castings. The light fitting type 319 04 07 has a clamp and lead-in cable with a plug.


TypeRecommended light source [W]Part of light fittingWeight
319 04 06Bulb CLAS 60Fixing element + 2 arms1,4
319 04 07Vice + connecting cable with plug1,6
319 04 08Halogen bulb 53Fixing element + 3 arms1,4
319 04 09Fixing element + 3 arms1,3
319 18 01Fixing element + 2 arms1,1