Industrial LED luminaires


ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Use: Light fitting for the illumination of indoor and outdoor industrial spaces.

Technical description: The body is made of steel sheet and finished with powder paint. The inorganic glass cover with seal and protective basket are fixed to the body with four metal caps. There is a LED module built inside the light fitting and it is comprised of a board fitted with LEDs and a power supply. According to the individual types, the light fitting includes: an AlSi terminal box, a steel pipe, or a galvanized steel sheet boom. The light fitting is made as a through light fitting and is provided with two cable outlets. The max. cross-section of the connecting conductors is 4 mm2. The light fitting is produced with plastic cable gland as standard, metal gland is available on request.

Installation: On the ceiling, wall.

Versions: Optional version of light fittings with reinforced corrosion protection – version „pz“, version with a protective steel basket – version „K“, version with a protective polycarbonate basket and stainless-steel caps – version „p“. Light fittings are provided with a self-resetting thermal fuse and surge guard up to 10 kV.

To order: Glass cover 232.5068/1, protective steel basket 1-99.6231, protective polycarbonate basket 182.2540, PMMA Protective basket 182.5005,  stainless steel cap 4-99.6180, metal cap 4-99.8470, blinding plug M20x1,5

Lifetime: 100.000 hours, L90B10

Driver functions: eCLO, ITG, IVG+, Power up fading

Control: DALI-2


Power input [W] / Luminous flux [lm] Luminous efficiency  [lm/W] Angle of beam [°] Colour temperature [K] CRI
30 / 4620 154 120 4000 >80
Type Part of light fitting Weight [kg]
591 36 01 (K) PRO Terminal box 4,8
591 36 02 (K) PRO Holder 4,8
592 36 03 (K) PRO Pipe nad terminal box 4,8
593 36 04 (K) PRO Boom 4,8
*By adding the letter „K“ after the type designation, the light fittings will be provided with protective baskets (591 36 01K PRO).
**By adding the letter „p“ after the type designation, the light fittings will be made with protective polycarbonate baskets and stainless-steel caps – for harsh conditions (591 36 01p PRO).
***By adding the letters „pz“ after the type designation, the light fittings will be made with reinforced corrosion protection – for extra harsh conditions (591 36 01Kpz PRO).