Explosion-proof light fittings


ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

zone  21 Ex logo II 3G Ex  ec IIC T6 ... T4 Gc
zone 2/22 II 2D Ex tb  IIIC T80°C ... 105°C Db

Use: Designed to be used in the zones 21&2,22 of the explosion hazard of gases, vapors and mists of flammable liquids with air, as well as of flammable dusts and fibers.

Technical description: The housing is made of anodized aluminum. The diffuser can be made of glass or polycarbonate. There is a possibility to choose one out of four available optics. Versions compatible ZB and DA with DALI protocol can be chosen optionally. Additional accessories as protection grid PGR or vent plugs VENT can be installed optionally

Installation:  using brackets, see gallery

Version: The luminaire is supplied as standard with polyamide gland M20x1,5, on request also polyamide gland M25x1,5.

To order: DALI driver interface (available only with 25E power supply version), PGR protective basket, VENT ventilation plugs


Type Power input [W] Luminous efficiency [lm/W] Luminous flux [lm]* Ambient temperature Temperature class / max. temperature of surface
ES EXL450LED-EX2-1 101 155 16000 -40°C ÷ +60°C (25E) / + 65°C (24E) T6 / T80°C
ES EXL450LED-EX2-2 149 153 23000 -40°C ÷ +55°C (25E) / + 60°C (24E) T5 / T80°C
ES EXL450LED-EX3-1 153 157 24000 -40°C ÷ +60°C (25E) / + 65°C (24E) T5 / T80°C
ES EXL450LED-EX3-2 236 144 34000 -40°C ÷ +45°C (25E) / + 50°C (24E) T4 / T105°C
ES EXL450LED-EX4-1 199 157 31500 -40°C ÷ +50°C (25E) / + 55°C (24E) T5 / T80°C
  • *Luminous flux is indicated for LED modules CRI 70.
  • The luminous flux for the version ZB is 30% lower than nominal.
  • Luminous flux tolerance +/- 10%
  • Power tolerance +/- 10%
  • The parameters given in the following data sheet has been determined for the temperature Ta=25°C.
  • Dimensions of the luminaire and possible configuration can be found in the gallery.