Floodlights LED


ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Use: Light fitting for the illumination of industrial halls, stores, petrol stations, sports grounds, billboards, building facades and other public spaces.

Technical description: The light fitting body is made of AlSi alloy and finished with powder paint. There is an LED module and a power supply. The optic cover is made of hardened glass. The steel holder allows turning the light fitting to the required position. The max. cross-section of the connecting conductors is 4 mm2.

Installation: On the wall or another solid substrate (structure) ensuring firm connection.

Versions: The light fittings are manufactured with adjustable electric ballast. Possibility of selecting light beam angle (10°/ 30°/ 60°/ 80°x135°).


TypePower input [W] / Luminous flux [lm]Dimensions AxBxC [mm]Colour temperature [kg]Weight [kg]
ES LEDREF 30W30 / 3000220 x 172 x 5040001,8
ES LEDREF 50W50 / 5000285 x 203 x 6040002,9
ES LEDREF 100W100 / 10000333 x 247 x 6640003,5
ES LEDREF 200W200 / 20000396 x 453 x 82400012