ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Use: The pole is designed for a decorative lighting in parks, orchards, squares, pedestrian zones and other public areas. It is at high aesthetic level, with good stability and service life. It is resistant to weather conditions, corrosion, salts, ammonia, UV light. Its low weight makes transportation and electric fitting easier.

Technical description: The pole is made of mutually complementing materials: welded steel tubes, polyurethane foam and surface plastic. The load bearing structure consists of a steel tube which is welded on a steel stand. Max. number of five different plastic elements can be fitted on the structure. PE mass is injected into the space between the structure and plastic elements. The pole is anchored on the structure Z built-in the ground. The pole end differs at various light fittings (end A, B, D) and arms S (end type A only) options.

Colour shades: The pole is supplied in black colour as standard. Other colours on request.

Accessories: Stylish plastic arms made of steel pipes covered with surface plastic can be supplied for the pole with end type A.


Type Lenght [mm] Stand [mm] Weight [kg]
S-13 1400 225 10
S-21 2055 300 17,5
S-21 W 2055 300 23
S-22 2090 300 17
S-23 2655 300 17
S-30 2765 300 23
S-30 W 2765 300 27
S-31 3320 300 27
S-31 W 3320 300 29
S-32 3355 300 27
S-40 4030 300 34
S-40 W 4030 300 37
S-52 4735 300 42
S-52 W 4735 300 45
S-54 5285 300 44
S-54 W 5285 300 47