ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Material: Steel welded pipes 11 343, 11353, 11373 in accordance with European standard.

Technical description: The steel poles are made of high quality steel tubes according to the European standard EN 40/2. The poles are hot-dip galvanized (externally and internally) in accordance with DIN 50976, which guarantees galvanizing of material with a uniform zinc layer of 0.07 - 0.087 mm. The door is closed with stainless steel screw M8/A2. The earthing connection is provided with stainless steel screw M10/A2.

Special equipment: Varnishing with special two-component varnishes according to RAL tables, lockable door with special screw, high quality GURO fuse box, light fittings with light source according to customers choice.


TypeLenght [mm]E [mm]D1 [mm]D2 [mm]D3 [mm]Weight [kg]
JB 8690010001331088975
JB 9810012001331088984
JB 109400150015911489110
JB 1110400150015911489134
JB 1211400150015911489142
JBS 8880010001331088998
JBS 910000120013310889116
JBS 1011300150015911489132
JBS 1112300150015911489141
J 8770015001441088992
J 109700150014411489106
J 1211700150014411489172