ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Material: Steel welded pipes (11 343, 11 353, 11 373) complying with European standards

Technical description: Type V and SV steel booms are made of high quality steel pipes according to European standard EN 40 / 2. We supply booms separately, easy installation is performed on site. When selecting a boom, make sure that the top diameter of the pole pipe corresponds to the diameter of the boom pipe. Booms are hot-dip galvanized (on both the outside and inside) according to the DIN 50976 standard which guarantees of the zinc-plating of the material with a uniform zinc layer of 0.07 - 0.087 mm. The boom is fixed to the pole with M8/A2 stainless steel screws.

Special equipment: Light fittings with light sources according to the customers selection.


TypeLenght [mm]X [mm]D1 [mm]Weight [kg]
V 1000210010006014
V 1250210012506016
V 1500210015006018
V 1750210017506020
V 2000210020006022
V 2250210022506024
V 2500210025006026
V 3000210030006029
V 3500210035006032
SV 30080003006053
SV 50090005006058
SV 750400750605
SV 10004001000607
SV 12504001250608
SV 150040015006010
SV 200040020006012
SV 250040025006014
SV 300040030006017
SV 3500400350020