Park lights


ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Use: Light fitting for the illumination of roads, streets, pedestrian zones, parks and other public areas.

Technical description: The top cover of the light fitting is made of polypropylene filled with glass fibres, the bottom cover is made of opal PMMA. The nut for fixing the top cover is made of silamide. The pedestal consists of a prepreg cone and an AlSi alloy holder for fixing onto a column. The removal base plate with electrical equipment is fixed to the light fitting pedestal. The light fitting is made in brown (H) or grey (S) colour. The light fitting is to be fixed to a column shank ø60 mm. The max. cross-section of the connecting conductors is 2.5 mm2.

Installation: On a column.

Versions: Light fitting are made in versions with an electromagnetic ballast (VVG), for high-pressure sodium, halide or mercury discharge lamps. Light fittings can also be equipped with electronic adjustable ballasts (EVG DIMM).

To order: Top cover 242.2587 (grey S/brown H), bottom cover 242.5024/1 (until 1995) or 342.2584 (since 1995), silamide nut 412.2560.


TypeRecommended light source [W]Electronic ballast dimmableWeight [kg]
446 05 50High-pressure sodium discharge lamp 50-11
446 05 53High-pressure sodium discharge lamp 50Yes11
446 05 71High-pressure sodium discharge lamp 70-11
446 05 71High-pressure halide lamp 70-11
446 05 73High-pressure sodium discharge lamp 70Yes10.7
446 05 11High-pressure sodium discharge lamp 100-11
446 05 11High-pressure halide lamp 100-11
446 05 16High-pressure sodium discharge lamp 150-12
446 05 16High-pressure halide lamp 150-12
446 05 26High-pressure mercury discharge lamp 125-11
446 05 25High-pressure mercury discharge lamp 250-11