Industry light fittings


ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Use: Light fitting for the illumination of heavy indoor and outdoor industrial spaces with a high level of mechanical stress.

Technical description: The light fitting body and flange are AlSi alloy castings finished with powder paint. The optical cover is made of tempered glass. There are two cable outlets on the light fitting sides. There is electrical equipment and a reflector built inside the light fitting. The light fitting is designed as a through light fitting, for three-phase connection (five-core cable). When the light fitting is used as a terminal light fitting, the free cable outlet is blinded with a plug. The max. cross-section of the connecting conductors is 4 mm2.

Installation: With a suspension eye ø19 mm, ceiling holder 4-99.7995, flexible suspension 2-99.5550.

To order: Shade 254.5021/01, protective basket 2-99.6195, protective glass 332.5018, ceiling holder 4-99.7995, flexible suspension 2-99.5550.


TypeRecommended light source [W]Voltage[V/Hz]Weight [kg]
511 14 07Halogen bulb Philips EcoClassic 140230 / 505
511 14 07Bulb CLAS 200230 / 505
511 14 07Blended lamp HWL 160230 / 505
511 14 07*High-pressure mercury discharge lamp HQL 80230 / 505
511 14 07**High-pressure mercury discharge lamp HQL 125230 / 505
*By adding the letter "K" after the type designation, the light fittings will be provided with protective steel baskets (511 14 07 K)
**Light fitting provided with a mercury discharge lamp HQL 80W requires a ballast box type BOX 2