Industry light fittings


ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Use: Light fitting for the illumination of indoor and outdoor industrial spaces. The light fitting is uncompensated.

Technical description: The light fitting consists of a ballast box – an AlSi alloy casting and a body made of steel sheet, finished with powder paint. The inorganic glass cover with a seal and protective polycarbonate basket is fixed to the body with four stainless steel caps. The max. cross-section of connecting conductors is 4 mm2.

Installation: On the ceiling, with a suspension eye ø30 mm.

Versions: Version with a protective steel basket – version "K".

To order: Protective steel basket 1-99.6248, protective polycarbonate basket 182.2540, glass cover 232.5068/1, stainless steel cap 4-99.6180/01.


TypeRecommended light source [W]Weight [kg]
541 18 01 tHigh-pressure mercury discharge lamp HQL 1257,1
541 18 02 tHigh-pressure sodium/halide discharge lamp 707,1
541 18 03 FHalogen lamp HCI-E 1507,5
541 18 04 FHalogen lamp HQI-E 1007,5
*By adding the letter "K" after the type designation, the light fittings will be provided with protective baskets (541 18 01 Kt).