Industry light fittings LED


ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Use: Light fitting for the illumination of indoor and outdoor moist, dusty industrial spaces such as halls, warehouses, workshops, corridors, cellars.

Technical description: The body is made of polycarbonate. The optical cover is made of prismatic polycarbonate (TIL) or transparent polycarbonate (TIL OPTIK) . Electrical equipment is formed by LED module with a power supply. The light fitting is made as a through light fitting. The max. cross-section of the connecting conductors is 2.5 mm2.

Installation: On the ceiling, wall, console or steel wire suspension.

Versions: The light fitting is made in a version with adjustable electronic power supply, beam angle of LED modules for version TIL is 120° and for TIL OPTIK 60°.


TypePower input [W] / Luminous flux [lm]Colour temperature [K]Dimensions AxC [mm]IPWeight [kg]
ES TIL 28W28 / 31004000600 x 105 x 108IP660,8
ES TIL 45W45 / 461140001270 x 105 x 108IP661,3
ES TIL 58W58 / 621140001570 x 105 x 108IP661,6
ES TIL OPTIK 48W48 / 570640001270 x 100 x 75IP651,6
ES TIL OPTIK 63W63 / 740940001570 x 100 x 75IP652