ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Use: For illumination of sports facilities, car parks, ancient monuments, building facades, construction sites, halls and also industrial spaces.

Technical description: The light fitting body and cover are made of steel sheet finished with powder paint. The asymmetrical reflector is made of chemically polished aluminium sheet. The floodlight is provided with a terminal box for a cable ø6 – 9 mm. The optical cover is made of hardened glass. The steel holder allows turning the floodlight to the required position. The max. cross-section of connecting conductors is 2.5 mm2. The ballast box is not part of the floodlight.

Installation: On a pole or another solid substrate (structure) ensuring firm connection.

To order: Ballast box BOX T, terminal box 4-99.6028, socket 3-99.10246.


Type Recommended light source [W] Weight [kg] Socket
541 19 01 High-pressure halide lamp 2000 / 400 V 30,5 E40
541 19 02 High-pressure halide lamp 1000 / 230 V 25 E40