ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Use: Light fitting for the illumination of sports facilities, car parks, ancient monuments, building facades, construction sites as well as industrial spaces.

Technical description: The light fitting body is an AlSi alloy casting finished with powder paint. The reflector is made of anodized, chemically polished aluminium sheet. The optical cover is made of hardened safety glass. To change the radiation pattern, the light source position is adjustable by means of a drawbar. The holder enables the turning of the floodlight in both the horizontal and vertical position. As a standard, the floodlight is supplied with a base-type holder (weld type to order). The max. cross-section of the connecting conductors is 2.5 mm2.

Installation: On the wall, pole or another solid substrate (structure) ensuring firm connection.

To order: Rim with glass and silicone seal 2-99.7043/2 (for bulb sources), rim with glass and rubber seal 2-99.7043/1 (for discharge lamp sources), base-type holder 4-99.5526.


Type Recommended light source [W] Ballast box Rim-seal-glass Weight [kg]
713 01 02 Bulb SPC.A T CL 500 - silicon 2-99.7043/2 10
Blended lamp 500
743 01 02 High-pressure mercury discharge lamp 400 1-99.5868 rubber 2-99.7043/1 10
743 01 03 High-pressure sodium discharge lamp 400 1-99.5864 rubber 2-99.7043/1 10
High-pressure halide lamp 400 1-99.5871