ZUZANA 1000/2000

ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

Use: Light fitting for the illumination of sports facilities, public areas as well as industrial spaces.

Technical description: The light fitting body is an aluminium casting finished with powder paint. The symmetrical reflector is made of polished aluminium sheet. The optical cover is made of hardened glass.

Installation: On the wall or pole.

Versions: The light fittings are made in a version with an electromagnetic ballast (VVG), for high-pressure halide discharge lamps.


TypeRecommended light source [W]Dimensions AxBxCxD [mm]Socket
ZUZANA-1000High-pressure halide lamp 1000470x450x170x185E40
ZUZANA-2000High-pressure halide lamp 2000495x515x300x180E40
GEAR BOX ZUZANA-1000/2000High-pressure halide lamp 1000 / 2000400x265x185x200E40